Welcome to the OCFI Young Dynamic Champion Society.

We are a dynamic, multi-ethnic and culturally vibrant group of Christian students. We encourage, support and help to build members who are interested in developing their knowledge of God and the Bible. We also help to create an environment that encourages spiritual growth in social and academic settings.

The fellowship meets twice a week in a semi-formal gathering. Discussions at our meetings often revolve around addressing academic issues and providing needed support, sharing the Word of God, praying together, networking and socializing in general. We also set aside particular Saturdays for sports. These sessions are great and full of fun!

One of our main goals is to ensure every student excels in their study and fulfil their God given dreams, talents and vision.

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We meet weekly on Saturdays (5.00pm to 6.00pm) for General meeting like seminars, workshops, and conferences addressing issues affecting our academics, social and spiritual life. Sports (indoors and out), trips (within and outside Plymouth), eating out, visiting members and celebrating member’s birthdays and other activities are organised by the group. Due to the pandemic, meetings will be held via virtual platform to continue in the same spirit until it is safe to meet again physically, and outdoor meetings will be done as per government guidelines. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and on whatsApp.  

We meet for both our House Fellowship meetings and other Saturday’s seminars and other indoor programmes at:

The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy, Plymouth University, Drake Circus, PL4 8AA.

07741 476721

07942 864743