I thank God as this month was the month of divine restoration and after much prayers, God appeared in my situation and the God of Overcomers has granted me and my family “leave to remain in U.K” after some years of waiting on the Lord for this miracle.

The key to this was claiming our restoration everyday in the month of divine restoration and other strategic warfare prayers as instructed by God through our General Overseer.

Sis. J

I want to thank God that today makes it 4 years of our marriage and everything we planned was accomplished by God’s grace and power.

Sis. G

I want to give God all the glory and honour for His covenant that never fails in my life and especially I want to thank God for this ministry. I started my course and it seemed as if I wouldn’t finish and the lecturers even thought that my brain couldn’t cope with my studies.

But today I have passed with a second class upper division and now I am a graduate. Praise the Lord!

Bro. P

I thank God for giving me a certificate to take home. Though, the enemy tried to not make me succeed, but glory be to God, I overcame and conquered and now I am a graduate with a degree to take home.

I have other testimonies which I will be giving every Sunday service because the Lord has done a lot for me in this ministry.

Bro. B

I bless God for making my daughter to deliver safely at the age of 43 years which worried me a little bit, but God made delivery possible with no complications.

Sis. O

I want to thank God for this ministry and the prayer warriors, that God granted me divine provision; despite my dad telling me there was no money for my new term school fees and up-keeping allowance.

After calling him few days later, he had miraculously paid not only for the new term but for the whole year. Praise be to God!

Sis. S