Welcome to the Children Church of the Overcomers’ Christian Fellowship International, a place where our children are nurtured and taught the principles of the Words of God (Genesis 18:19) as a way of life. Our little ones are taught to apply the precepts of the Scriptures in their daily living to be a worthy ambassador of the Christian faith and at the same time responsible members of the society.

In Children Church, everyone is welcome. There are two categories of young people; the congregation of young people who are 4 years old and below, and the congregation of those who are 5 -12 years old. All our congregations are however taught to embrace the Words of God with simplicity. Our God-fearing, loving and caring teachers diligently employ the use of audiovisual as well as songs, dance, drama and memory verse to engaged the children and communicate the principles of the Scriptures of love of God to the two congregations of the Children Church. In addition, the our Children are taught the acts of prayer as devotion to God as well as a tool for more-than-conqueror living on earth.