The Bible teaches in many places that we should pray, not just for our own needs, but for one another which is known as “intercessory prayer”. Apostle Paul assured his friends that he was praying for them, and asked them in return to be praying for him (2 Corin 13:7, Ephes 1:16 and Romans 15:30). Intercessory prayer is part of the fellowship of believers in the great spiritual body of the Church.

May it be spiritually revealed to you that intercessory prayer is the invisible hinge on which the golden gate of total deliverance from captivity of Satan swung open, in Jesus name. If we spent more time in intercession we should discover that our prayers for others will be opening the gates of freedom from many bondages in our own lives. Amazingly, it was when Job prayed for his unbending condemner friends that the Lord turned his captivity and rewarded him with double material wealth and domestic happiness than ever before (Job 42:10).

Are you under captivity of Satan, the evil accuser been permitted to test you with resultant captivity to adversity, bereavement; or terrible sickness? Are you in captivity to mental suffering, doubt, loneliness, fears, depression or despair.? The Overcoming power in intercessory prayer awaits you if you can sincerely pray aggressive heavenly- bound prayer for someone today! As you are entering into the last month in the first half of this year let your intercessory prayer altar be ignited so that your destiny could be liberated from whatever form of captivity is oppressing your life.

Matchless and irrevocable testimonies that give birth to other testimonies shall overflow your life in this month and beyond in Jesus name. This is your month of all – round Divine favour after the order of both Joseph and Esther, in Jesus name.


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