In life, God is the only One who can open doors as declares in Revelation 3:7-8 during a terrible battle at the door of breakthrough..” I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it…..”. Doors speak of opportunities, chances or possibilities that will cause a person to make progress and advance in life and make it meaningful. These doors can be marked as marriage, career, finances, health or fruit of the womb. Opened doors make impossibilities become possibilities! God can give you open doors in response to your earnest prayer; or through your praise and worship, or even can turns the King’s heart to open doors and grant you access to the privileges normally reserved only for the movers in the society. Whenever a child of God has reached a dead end the only way out is the miraculous opening of the door for you. The irony of life is that every great and glorious door could be closed by adversaries as Apostle Paul noted in 1 Corin.16:9. We should not fear these adversaries because our Lord has given us the ingredients for divine open doors.

The ingredients for divine open doors are well stated and very clear in both Revelation 3:8 and Col.4:3. One of the ingredients is depending on God because you have little strength to struggle; since the difference between struggling and being favor is open door. You can not open the door yourself, so you need to call upon the Lord to open it for you. This is the season of your open doors when heaven will smile on you and you will enter into the arena of your jubilation, in Jesus name. Keeping and applying God’s Word to our lives is another ingredient for open door. Do not say “heaven helps those who help themselves” which is not Scriptural; but let God’s Words abide in you so that when you ask for the open door, it would be opened unto you!

As you have confessed Jesus name; do not deny Him in the public like Apo. Peter did, the night Jesus was arrested before His crucifixion; so that Jesus will not deny you before His Father for open doors.

Violent binding and losing prayer is also necessary to win the battles at the door of breakthrough. There is door of salvation (Rev.3:20;John 10:9)which is the first door you will definitely need if you are not yet born – again; so that other doors could be opened unto you. As you are entering into the month of May 2016 which has been declared by God as your month of openings; your doors of uncommon answers to prayers, job opportunities, marital breakthroughs, prophetic inspiration, fulfilment, divine release and all round academic and financial success shall be opened unto you, in Jesus name.


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