In the book of Joshua, we read that the ancient city of Jericho was a heavily fortified walled city. From a military standpoint, it was practically impenetrable. This great walled city stood as an obstacle that hindered the people of Israel from claiming all that God had for them. Before they could enter into Canaan which was their promised land, Jericho had to fall first. For us, Jericho could represent those things that are entrenched and rooted in our lives that prevent us from going on with God. It may be some besetting sin that prevents us from going deep in the things of God or it could be some old and bad attitude or pride that is holding us back. Before we will ever receive all God has for us, that stronghold must be torn down! And I pray that in this month of March, the stronghold in your life shall be broken so that you can walk into your victory and possess your possession in Jesus name.

Before we can move on to victory, we must first commence the journey. This journey is commenced at salvation i.e. having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the one who walks in victory even before the battle is fought. In other words, He is the one in control of all situations and He will definitely fight our battles for us if we give our lives to Him. I want you to pause, reflect and learn that we will only be victorious in our spiritual battles if we acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Commander in Chief and follow His plans and strategy. Have you even met the Lord Jesus Christ? Have you had a personal experience with the Person of God? You need to accept Jesus Christ fully into your life to enable you march into your victory in this month of March. The uncircumcised heart and flesh cannot march into victory without the backing of the ‘Field Marshal and Commander of the Heavenly Host’ which is our Lord Jesus Christ. God had already promised us victory as seen in Joshua 6:1-2. Our victory has already been secured through Jesus Christ. Satan is a defeated enemy. All the seemingly unshaking ‘Jerichos’ in your life shall become flattened by the earthquake of God in Jesus name. All those powers gathering against your victory this month shall be exposed, disgraced and fall for your sake in Jesus name.

Kindly join us in giving glory to the Ancient of Days for the celebration of the convention of our Church between 3rd of March and 6th of March 2016 .“The More than Conquerors family” is marching into greater height and victory which was won for us by our Captain as seen in Matthew 16:18.

Remember, this is your year of “fruitfulness and multiplication”!


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